The Brabant village Oisterwijk and Operation Market Garden

When I moved to a new neighbourhood in Oisterwijk back in 2007 my family and I where invited by a new neighbour and his wife at his home. During our visit I learned that my neighbour and I shared the same interest in the Second World War. Because he was born before the war and lived through this period as a young boy he could tell me lots of stories about Oisterwijk and its World War Two history. He also told me of the military cemetery in our village which I already knew from my regular visits to the last resting places of the Scottish soldiers that are buried there. He also told of American and German soldiers that were ones buried on that cemetery until they were relocated after the war.


When I asked him more about the American soldier that were buried in Oisterwijk he told me that they were the victims of a troop glider and troop carrier crash that occurred in Oisterwijk during operation Market Garden in 1944. He could not give me more details as he did not have a computer  to research the stories on the internet. He asked me if I could possibly do more research on the crashes and inform him on any finds. This started a quest for more information that took more than two years. During this time I was able to gather lots off information that I shared with my neighbour.






The information that I gathered I then wrote down on paper and eventually turned out to be a very interesting story of facts. This story can be read in this webbook, supported by photo’s from then and now. During my research I also came upon stories and information about other aircraft that crashed in this area and stories of US and British airborne troops dropped behind enemy lines in this area. Also these stories were further researched and written in this webbook.


For my research I consulted several foreign and domestic archives and databases and internet publications. I futher read many books and documents on the subject. I was also able to gather a substantial amount of information through interviews with eyewitnesses who lived in Oisterwijk through the Second World War and through articles in the local media. Also eyewitness accounts of veterans where used for this webbook. All the information was used for this story and formed into this very interresting webook.

Het Begin