The Brabant village Oisterwijk and Operation Market Garden

Photo’s crash landing area of Pierre Gallay

An aerial photograph dating from 1944 shows the oisterwijksebaan were within the red circle F/LT. Pierre Gallay crash landed his Spitfire.
The two pictures below are marked in this photo with Brown squares.
The street oisterwijksebaan in Oisterwijk photographed into the direction of Tilburg in 2009.
In 1944 this road consisted of a bicycle path that civilians used as a common way of transportation running along side a dirt road.
In the left photo the farm of the van Rijswijk family on the laagheukelomseweg no.5 is just visible.
The other photo shows the intersection Laagheukelomseweg/Oisterwijksebaan.
Further north down the road the section were Gallay landed his Spitfire.
The photo below shows the roadsection of the Oisterwijksebaan were Gallay landed.
This road runs directly to Oisterwijk of which the St. Petrus church tower is just visible.
Café ‘Mie Pieters’ situated along the Laagheukelomseweg at Oisterwijk.
F/LT. Pierre Gallay went in to the direction of this café helped by a civilian.  
Later he was hidden in a nearby farm with the help of the Oisterwijk resistance until he was brought to a safe hiding place in the city of Tilburg.
Foto’s noodlandingsplek van Pierre Gallay nl