The Brabant village Oisterwijk and Operation Market Garden

On 3 August 1944 General-Major Colin Muir Barber took over the command off the 15th Scottish Division from General-Major G.H.A. Mac Millan.


Commander: Gen. Maj. C.M. Barber

Chief off staf: Lt. Kol. J.N.D. Tyler

Quarter Master General: Lt. Kol. Kingsford Lethbridge



Infantry Brigades:


44e Lowland Infantry Brigade    Brig. J.C. Cockburn

8th battalion The Royal Scots    Lt. Kol. P.R. Lane Joynt

6th battalion The Royal Scots Fusiliers    Lt. Kol. I. Mackenzy

6th battalion The King's Own Scottish Borderers    Lt. Kol. C.W.P. Richardson


46th Highland Infantry Brigade    Brig. R.M. Villiers

9th battalion Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)    Lt. Kol. Sir Edw. M.A Bradfort

2nd battalion Glasgow Highlanders    Lt. Kol. P.U. Campell

7th battalion Seaforth Highlanders    Lt. Kol. P.M. Hunt


227th Highland Infantry Brigade    Brig. E.C. Colville

10th battalion Highland Light Infantry    Lt. Kol. D.R. Morgan

2nd battalion Gordon Highlanders    Lt. Kol. J.R. Sinclair

2nd battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders    Lt. Kol. J.W. Tweedie


Machinegun battalion:


1st battalion The Middlesex Regiment Divisional

Machine Gun Battalion


Reconnaissance unit:


15th Scottish Reconnaissance Regiment    Lt. Kol. J.A. Grant-Peterkin


Tank brigade:


6th Guards Tank Brigade        Brig. G.L. Verney

4th Tank Grenadiers Guards    Lt. Kol. H.R.H. Davies

4th Tank Coldstream Guards   Lt. Kol. N.W. Gwatkin

3rd Tank Scots Guards    Lt. Kol. The Hon. H.K.M. Kindersley




brig. R. Hilton

131st Field Regiment    Lt. Kol. J.M. Hailey

181st Field Regiment    Lt. Kol. R.B.W. Bethel

190th Field Regiment    Lt. Kol. R.J. Streatfield

119th L. Anti-Aircraft Regiment    Lt. Kol. J.F. Young

97th Anti-Tank Regiment    Lt. Kol. K.L. Beddington

102nd Anti-Tank Regiment    Lt. Kol. R.W. Yelf


Mechanical troops:


Royal Engineers    Lt. Kol. R.K. Miller

20th  field company.

278th field company.

279th field company.

624th field park company.


Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME)    Lt. Kol. R.H.H. Gardiner


44th Lowland inf. brig. Workshops

46th Highland inf. brig. Workshops

227th Highland inf. brig. Workshops

15th inf. Troops workshop


Signal corps:


Royal Corps on Signals

15th Scottish division signals    Lt. Kol. F.C. Seel


Service Corps:


Royal Army Service Corps-RASC    Lt. Kol. K.M. Whitworth


62nd comp.

238th comp.

284th comp.

399th comp.


Medical service:

Royal Army Medical Corps-RAMC    Kol. D.L. Kerr

153rd field ambulance    Lt. Kol. W.A.M. Scott

193rd field ambulance    Lt. Kol. B.B. Macfarlane

194th field ambulance    Lt. Kol. F.W.A. Warren

22nd field dressing station    Maj. A.M. George

23rd field dressing station    Maj. I.B. Rees-Robberts

40th field hygienic section    Maj. P.J.H. Clarke


Military police:


15e Scottish divisional provost company    Maj. M.C. Chittock




Royal Army Ordnance Corps-RAOC    Lt. Kol. F.W.S. Walker

15th Ordnance Field Park

305th ML. BU. Section


Counter Mortar Staff


Spiritual care:


39th field service station    Rev. W.M. Maxwell


Canadian army:


1st Canadian Army

1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment (Kangaroos)

Overview 15th Scottish Division

Overzicht 15th Scottich Division