The Brabant village Oisterwijk and Operation Market Garden
German anti-aircraft on the Nevelo sporting grounds on September 13, 1944
This blown up of a Royal Air Force reconnaissance photo dated September 13 1944 shows the Nevelo sporting grounds in Oisterwijk. This photo was part of a series that was made from this particular part of Northern Brabant. Parts of this province that would have to be crossed for operation Market-Garden was photographed by the RAF and was used in preparation for the operation.

The encircled part shows the German anti-aircraft position that was installed to protect this part of the Oisterwijk railway marshalling yard. In this area German boxcars were detached ore attached to one another and were loaded or unloaded at the Oisterwijk leather factory. In this photo also the sporting grounds and wooden changing-barracks in between the two sporting fields are visible. The three wooden barracks, visible in the above left corner, belonged to the leather company. In the bottom one can make out the Oisterwijk train station.
luchtafweer nevelo vergroot