The Brabant village Oisterwijk and Operation Market Garden

50th Troop Carrier Wing and the 442nd Troop Carrier Group

50th Troop Carrier Wing:



                                 Brig. Gen. Julian M. Chappell on RAF Exeter


439th Troop Carrier Group, (RAF Upottery / Juvincourt, France / Châteaudun, Frankrijk)


o 91st TCS  -  Squadron code L4

o 92nd TCS  -  Squadron code J8

o 93rd TCS  -  Squadron code 3B

o 94th TCS  -  Squadron code D8


440th Troop Carrier Group, (RAF Exeter / Reims, France / Bricy, France)


o 95th TCS  -  Squadron code 9X

o 96th TCS  -  Squadron code 6Z

o 97th TCS  -  Squadron code W6

o 98th TCS  -  Squadron code 8Y


441st Troop Carrier Group, (RAF Merryfield / Villeneuve, France / Dreux, France)


o 99th TCS   -  Squadron code 3J

o 100th TCS  -  Squadron code 8C

o 301st TCS  -  Squadron code Z4

o 302nd TCS  -  Squadron code 2L


442nd Troop Carrier Group, (RAF Fulbeck / Bonnétable, France / Saint-André-de-l'Eure, France)


o 303rd TCS  -  Squadron code J7

o 304th TCS  -  Squadron code V4

o 305th TCS  -  Squadron code 4J

o 306th TCS  -  Squadron code 7H

For Operation "market" the 442nd TCG was moved from RAF Fullbeck in England to a forward post, RAF Chilbolton airfield in Hampshire, England. This airfield was closer to Holland and they now temporarily operated under the 53rd TCW. During the missions over Holland the 442nd TCG lost 10 of her C-47’s and 13 crew members got killed. All of these missions were flown from airfield RAF Chilbolton.


After Operation "market" mainly supply missions were flown by the 442nd. These missions continued until the 442nd was ordered to move to a forward post, ALG A-44(Advanced Landing Ground), Peray airfield in France. The major part of the 50th TCW began departing to France between 4/6 October, the 442ste TCG was the last group that left the English airfield.


The group flew supply missions, cargo and wounded men from France in support to the Allied troops advancing along the Siegfried Line. This lasted until V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day) the day of liberation of Europe. In-between the 442nd also took part in Operation Varcity, the Airborne landings over the Rhine in Germany in March 1945. For this operation they dropped gliders filled with troops on German territory. The group transported supplies to ground forces in Germany during April/May and evacuated many prisoners who were liberated from German occupation.

Arial photograph of RAF Chilbolton in Hampshire England,also known as USAAF- Station AAF-404 with Station Code "CB".
RAF Chilbolton in September 1944 with Waco’s en C-47’s lined up for Operatie "Market".
Close-up of Waco gliders lined up at Chilbolton in September 1944.
C 47’s of the 306th TCS. On the foreground supplies of jerry can’s ready for transport to the front.
C-47 of 306th TCS with code 7H.
Pilots of 306th sqdn(7H) gartered around C.O. Col. Thompson for instructions.
50ste Troop Carrier Wing en de 442ste Troop Carrier Group